Exam in a few hours, prepare for epic fail.

Moo had probably one of the best evenings of a while last night and I am glad to say that I helped and meddled. I want her happy and I’ve known for a while that this is what she needed. I am also extremely sad. Everything that happened is everything I wanted for myself. I wanted that happy ending myself, still do, might still do for a while to come. I just don’t understand why he gave up, I don’t understand what is so hard about being in a relationship. I don’t want another crazy intense living together relationship, thats not what I wanted in the first place, thats just how it was because of being housemates. But a living apart, being excited to make time to spend together, thats the kind of relationship I’d want.

Moo says its ok to still be feeling shit about this cause I was so in love with him. I think its fucking horrible to still be feeling like this cause it just makes life a bit crap really


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