Looking Forwards

I’ve decided that enough really is enough. I haven’t been giving myself the real chance to let go of a lot of past issues or feelings and I seem to be making life so much more complicated than it needs to be, especially when I have enough to think about (medical, uni, finding new house, placement). I’ve been letting myself be dicked around and not letting my heart fully heal. Well, today, its enough. I’m finally settling back in to being me, the happy creative chilled Kate, I’m getting back in to uni, I’m focusing on sorting a future out, there’s a guy that I’m interested in who seems to be interested in me and I don’t want my past to fuck any of that up. I know that what happened with the ex ex and ex mr chopper has really given me some trust/intimacy/hope issues but I don’t want to lose myself in them. I know that the medical stuff is hard but its being sorted and I’m not going to let it get me down. I know I have no idea what I want from my future but I’m starting to get an idea and its good. I’m tired of constantly looking to the past when the future holds so much more for me!

I just need to get on it!


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