Finally home

I have finally made my triumphant return home! I have been crashing moo and lezzer’s for a full week now so thought it was high time to give them a break and get some clean pants aha. Loved being there, was so nice to be in around the girls and it felt like being at a week long sleepover which is always tres fun. Managed to finish one assignment, start revision and go in to uni so been a successful week Bournemouth uni wise as well.

Seen TV guy a few more times as well, there was a TV group thing at spoons the next night that me and moo crashed. Was fun, saw TV guy, had chats, had many drinks and a little smooch at the end of the night (that was sunday I think). And then last night Asbo came down to bomo with a few southampton people (finally met Chasbo who is jokes) so me, moo and TV guy went to orange rooms where drinks were £1.50, the music was good, I was feeling hot and after Asbo turned up, things got crrrazy! drank sooooo much and was just loving it. Again, had some more sly smooches with TV guy. I get the feeling he isn’t really in to PDA though. And I felt bad that at the end of the night he thought he was coming back to moo’s but everyone else was asleep already and had uni early in the morning, plus its not exactly my house to invite him back to. So I may have annoyed him but hopefully he will understand.

I’m still a bit confused about this whole situation cause I am actually really enjoying singledom, I’m enjoying not having to be all worried about a boyfriend and just doing what I want when I want and I’m sooooo not ready to sleep with someone else yet. I know that ex mr chopper aka dickhead is sleeping around and loving it but thats him, I’m me and I’m not going to do something I’m not ready for. Plus, I’ve heard that TV guy isn’t really in to the idea of finding anything serious and just wants to have a laugh which is good cause I really don’t know if I want anything serious myself just yet. I’m not saying I’m never going to want a boyfriend or anything again, just not yet.

Ex mr moo was at orange rooms last night as well, poor guy. He totally deserves to have lost moo, she is far to good for him and he totally fucked with her mind and emotions but seeing as I was him only a few months ago, I do feel a bit sorry for him, he looked like a wounded puppy all night and then sent me a text saying how he’s just going to need time to get over it but that she does look happier and thats all he wants for her. I know that he was just trying to get to her through me again but I think he may have genuinely realised what he’s lost. Which is good cause maybe he won’t ever be such a stupid prick again!

Bob texted me the other night as well and I just KNOW this was down to ex mr chopper cause they were at a house party of ex mr moo’s and Bob and I haven’t talked since I told him about a month and half ago to get fucked and deleted him on facebook. So would have made no sense whatsoever for Bob to have tried getting hold of me of his own accord. Ex mr chopper is such an asshole, using his uni blog to post about how terrible I am and how he’s shagging around and then trying to get a reaction out of me through Bob. What a douche. I have such hate for him now, I can actually feel it in the pit of my stomach. Which is such a shame but not of my doing. The thing is, I know I only have such hate because there are still some kind of feelings there, which I have given up on trying to get rid of cause it needs to happen in its own time. Nearly gone, nearly rid of, just that last little bit.

Erghhhhh have such a bad hangover, am going to need to take a nap now I think so can have some sort of brain cell function for revision later. blergh!


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