Carbonara and Quentin Tarantino

Had date number two last night, went over to TV guy’s house (nice house considering its all boys aha), opened up some wine, he cooked the best home made carbonara I have ever had (I’m actually gutted I didn’t eat more it was that good but I didn’t want to stuff myself and then have to try and feel all pretty for him!!), had some nice chats. He’s really easy to talk to, its nice to be able to make conversation even though I was pretty much shitting myself from nervousness. Had a little snoop through his itunes, was pretty impressed at all the ska/punk/rock/dub/DnB choices that were there. I make such judgments from people’s music tastes, I think its the after affect of being with the ex ex, music is really important to me and I think its really important to have similar tastes. I like when people like something different and bring it in to my life but I do think overall you need to share common interests.


So then moved on to the lounge to watch a film (Reservoir Dogs), had another snoop through his films (like music, need to have similar choices of films and again was pretty impressed, phew!). Had nice cuddles and smooches (freaked out a bit from face touching) and was nice that he took control of the whole first kisses situation cause I was cacking it and was not going to be able to make the first move!

The only truly horrifying moment of the night was when I went to the toilet and thought I had gotten myself locked in. Not only had I not locked myself in but just couldn’t open the door, I was in there for aaages trying to work it out and even rang moo and lezzer in an attempt to see if this had happened to them before and if they had any advice. I was so trying to get out of there before TV guy realised what a dick I was but he heard me and saved me by….opening the door. Yeah, I’m a douche.

Apart from that though, it seemed to go well and it was really nice to hang out.

I have actually crashed moo and lezzer’s house, I’ve now been here since…Wednesday? And it’s now Sunday. Aha, I am totally moving in. I’m trying to make myself as useful as possible though so people don’t get annoyed; doing dishes, tidying up, keeping my shit tidy, brought some groceries with me when first came down and will get some more in when money comes through (please dear God cause I am SKINT) tomorrow. I like being here so until someone actually tells me to get out I’ll stay =D mwahahahaha.

Finished one assignment, have extension for the other so going to focus on revision for exam in a weeks time. Feeling really chilled out and happy actually, love being around moochop and just really enjoying shiz right now. Good times :o)


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