I feel like I’m 15 again or something, I’m soooo nervous about thursday! I’m 22 years old for god sake but I’m still being all girly, ohhhh does he like me, will he think I’m boring, what if its really awkward, what if he doesn’t actually like me?? Why would he be interested in me?? Is it actually possible that someone I’m interested in is interested back?? Really? I know that this all sounds so childish and sad but really, thats how much ex mr chopper got to me and has taken away my confidence! I genuinely don’t see how TV guy could actually be in to me, I just hope hes not pretending to be cause he thinks he might get some, Bob already tried that and its just not going to happen. Moo and Lezzer both say hes a really nice guy so I’m going to trust their judgement. We’ll see how it goes. Ergh I just know I’m making more of a big deal than this actually is.

Dr appointment today. Have to have a bunch of blood tests done (standard) and a liver biopsy. With local, not general, anesthetic so get to be awake as they splice me open and take away a part of my liver. As long as they put me in a position where I get to watch! That would be really cool. I wish I’d gone in to forensics or something, I totally have the stomach for it!! Need to get the suppression test done as well.

Thursday is going to be a busy day!


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