Epicness Of The NYE

Went to Bournemouth to spend new years with moo, lezzer, asbo, joey and TV guy (friend of lezzer’s), drank for a bit at moo and lezzer’s and then moved on to Bliss. Was very fun, brought the new year in, in style. Got a bit annoyed cause Joey vanished so spent the last hour n half of my new year looking for her when was trying to have a laugh with moo and flirt with TV guy (who apparently told moo he liked the look of me). Then the only other blip was the fact asbo brought this guy shes sort of seeing back to moo’s after moo said no at about 7am.

Then had spoons breakfast the next morning with moo, joey and TV guy, wandered around a bit with joey and TV guy (got to know him a little more), got lezzer from work, went to get ingredients for a roastie which rob and TV guy lovingly prepared, joey went home and we all just sort of monged out in front of the TV.

So, TV guy. I don’t know what it is about him but I do quite like him, hes just a nice guy, sense of humor and easy to talk to. Kind of wish he saw something in me but always nice to make a new friend.

Anyway, epic win for NYE 2009, bring on 2010, lets see what happens this year!

So I knew the day was going to come when I’d find out that he’d been with someone else, I knew that he would get there before me cause I’ve never been that sort of girl but it still sucks, it still feels a bit crushing, it still hurts. I know that I’m over him and I would never want to be back with him but this was always going to suck wasn’t it? Anything to do with the ex sucks.


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