Really Girls?

I do enjoy going on to the cosmopolitan website and perusing the chat forums when today I came across a topic asking who is more important to you, your friends or your other half. I clicked on expecting a swarm of responses praising friends and how men come and go but friends stick it out with you for life and was really surprised that not one response was like that at all, everyone said how their friends were important but other halves were their best friends and thats who they would pick.


Obviously there will be friends in your life that you grow apart from and that will not always be around but what about those friends who you call in any situation? Can talk to for any amount of time and not be bored? Who you know you can count on always? I’ve known my loverr since primary school and I would never ever ever choose a guy over her. I’ve only known moo for about two years, just under, and I would NEVER choose a guy over her! I think it all depends on the type of friendships you have with certain people. I know that my girls are my family and without them I would be a lonely lost thing. Without their love and support and unconditional acceptance I would have nothing. Other halves can indeed become close and even I have called each one my best friend but when that split happens, who are the ones still standing around you, holding your hand, wiping away your tears and brining you back to life?? Your friends!!

I think its ridiculous to even suggest that an other half is more important than the people who make you, you. I would always trust my friends with my happiness and life, I could never say the same thing about a guy and it makes me sad that these seemingly smart women have given so much of themselves away like that and rely on their happiness coming from one other person. Maybe its this attitude that makes the men folk freak out so much and do stupid things


One thought on “Really Girls?

  1. This is the kinds of stuff that happens at Cosmo tho. The magazine is, more than anything, about what girls need to do to get guys/please guys/keep guys/make themselves more attractive to guys, etc. I think it’s really a terrible lesson for girls. Who would pick a guy over their best friends? A Cosmogirl apparently.

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