So here comes the end of my first christmas since I was 15 where I’ve been single. To be honest, it hasn’t really hit me till right now, after hearing what presents friends got from boyfriends, stories of christmas lovin’. I mean, it wasn’t horrible, it was nice to not have to worry about presents for the boyf, running about spending time with my family and then his or missing him and spending all day feeling like I was going stir crazy cause I wanted to see him. It felt like there was less pressure on the day which actually meant not one single family blow up for a change.

I got a nice haul this year, perfume, dress, twilight shirt (funnily enough I got mum an edward mug and she got me a team jacob shirt aha), cosmo subscription, skull candy headphones (thank god, mine were so busted), animal print bag. Good times!

I did miss waking up beside the guy I’m in love with on christmas morning. I missed watching bad christmas films, cuddling up. I missed him. It is nice to have a partner at christmas.

But even nicer to be single for new years =D


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