Woooooooooooooooooo seeing my loverr christmas eve! Ahhhhhh thats tomoroooow! And then just got to get through christmas, finish up at work and then new years eve with my moo twin in bomooooooo! I’ve decided to stay there for a few days, totally going to have a little trek down to the beach, watch the waves. I might suggest a little beach drinkage actually, wrap up warm and take some hot mulled wine or something OMG genius plan! Be nice to have a few days away after the recent days I’ve been having.

I was thinking about spending new years in Southampton but I really want to see it in with my moo who is working in Bournemouth the next day plus, I know that mr ex chopper is in Southampton for nye and Would probably be where I was going to go and I so do not need to see him and then see him pulling someone at midnight. Nooo thank you! Which is going to upset Asbo buuut I’m hoping she’ll understand, especially as made bomo plans waaay before saying would think about Southampton. Hopefully Joey will come out to bomo as well, that would be fun. All I know is, I better end up getting with some fitty at midnight!! I’ve never had an amazing nye before but I’ve had interesting ones. I’m hoping this one will just be a lot of fun and drama free.

I’ve deleted his number, the ex ex, and any texts so I can’t get in touch anymore. I’m swapping one heart ache for another and I’m tired of adding shit to my life that means something to me and nothing to him. So to avoid temptation, his number has gone the same way as ex mr chopper’s. New year, new start, new me, new life. Thats all I’m after


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