Oh Moo

My moo twin has been left by her boyfriend like mine left me. Totally out of the blue, completely unexpected, left wondering and wondering.

I don’t understand why they do this. Apparently he hadn’t even thought about breaking up and then all of a sudden decided it was over, it would be the best thing for her, the best thing for him and that they should just be friends. Uni is too much right now, he might be moving to london in 8/9 months, the timing just isn’t right but maybe it will be.

The parallels between ex mr moo and ex mr chopper are heart rendering. I can’t bear the thought that shes feeling like I did, like I am. And it just brings it all back, all the hurt and pain and confusion. Even now though I feel slightly jealous of her, mr ex moo told her to her face and then instead of ignoring her text told her he would meet up with her if she wanted to talk about things. I would have given, would still give anything to have that option.

I feel like the worst friend in the world. She was so hesitant about going in to this, so worried she’d just get hurt but no no I said, its so obvious how much hes in to you, you can’t be scared of relationships, at least give it a try, hes a good guy. Basically all the things people told me about mr ex chopper. Again we were let down.

I understand now how moo felt with mr ex chopper. She said she was disappointed in him and I really get that. Mr ex moo promised me he wouldn’t do this to her, promised he was really in to her, promised that he would look after her. I fought his corner when she was freaking out about becoming involved with him, promised her he wasn’t like the others and he let me down. I am so angry at him and I want to tell him that, its a wonder moo, apart from one text, didn’t brain mr ex chopper.

I so wanted her to be happy. I so wanted a fairy tale ending for one of us. We are both so broken now from pathetic men, I never wanted it to be like that, I never wanted to give up hope. Especially moo, she has so much to give, she is so sorted and I trusted him not to ruin that. She trusted mr ex chopper not to ruin me.

Lesson learnt. You can’t trust an IMP


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