Oh dear Bob

Oh Bob, why why why. Yeah a month or so ago we pulled and then I kind of forgot you existed. A few days ago you added me on facebook, started chatting to me straight away, wanted my number again, wouldn’t let up on the sex talk and were just your usual crude self. Which I had kind of gotten use to from the first round of chats and in my head I was like ok, some banter and chat is better then none, a little hard work to do with Bob (just generally uninteresting) but maybe it would get more fun and maybe if I could talk myself in to it I could use this opportunity for some getting over the ex lovin’. But as discussed earlier I’m not really in to that, didn’t really spark with each other and i think it would have been sad to have gone from amazing lovin’ to luke warm meh.

Then Bob took me totally by surprise and told me he wasn’t really looking for a girlfriend right now! At first I laughed because I thought he was joking but then realised no, he was serious! Apparently, not trying to meet up with a guy, not really talking that much and not sleeping with a guy doesn’t mean you’re not really interested, it means you want to get serious!

Get over it Bob, seriously.

So I told him that I wasn’t looking for anything with anyone right now and haven’t talked to him since. Even though I thought it was a bit egotistical and slightly cheeky, I hadn’t really thought anymore on it. Until Bob reaffirmed my faith in the fact that most men are just children with pubic hair.

Bob went to a mutual friend and told him that I had been the one to get back in touch, I was the one trying to chat him up and I was chasing him. I’m assuming this was to save face in case I went to the mutual friend to chat shite about Bob (which I wouldn’t have done anyway, if it had been a guy I was interested in and had been gutted about then of course I’d want to talk to someone about it but in this case, what would have been the point?).

I don’t understand why Bob felt the need to do that. What really pissed me off though is I already have an ex spreading how pathetic I am when HE was the fool, I don’t need Bob to be doing it as well!

Guys, word of advice, you may not want girlfriends or relationships now but drop the ridiculous behaviour cause one day you will and no self respecting girl will want you! Fact.



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