Passion Of The Kate

I keep wishing that I was one of those uber vivacious chicks that could go out and flirt and take a guy home to ruin but I’m just not. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding a guy for a night and getting what you need from him, I applaud those girls for being so confident about their sexuality and using it to their advantage. I’m just one of those that needs the va va voom, the build up, the passion! I love meeting someone, hanging out to get to know them a bit, the flirting, the sexual chemistry. Then finally that moment where both of you just can’t hold it in any longer and you have to have each other! Not knowing someone can be a great way to just get your kicks and is a hell of a lot easier but for me I kind of find it a bit cold which is such a turnoff.

For me its all about the spark!


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