What with everything going on, uni seems to have unfortunately been at the bottom of my thinking pile. But am working hard to keep on top of it all. Was offered a chance at a really great intern position for this events management placement for Beach Break Live (amazing, go, best festival EVER!) but starts in january and goes on for 6 months so couldn’t. Am looking in to publishing placements or hoping to get my foot in at DV8 in Bournemouth which would be ideal. Just handed in my first GTO assignment as well, was very careful about referencing and think I may even have gotten the harvard thing down!

Am totally avoiding my head of year and research methods lecturer as definitely not in their good graces. To be fair, they think I’m waster when actually I’m just trying to survive.

Got booked in for counseling at uni finally which can only be a good thing and again, I’m proud that I’m taking these steps to be a healthy functioning member of society! Yay me!

Still missing the ex, mainly at night (and mainly cause I can’t sleep) but what with everything going on and his dick-acts and the fact I really feel ready to move on, I’m not really thinking too much about it. Yeah I’d have liked to have tried to be friends cause thats what we were in the beginning and I wish he could remember that but I guess its just not meant to be and I’m not going to pursue that anymore…..douche.


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