Shout Outs

I just want to say, through everything, recently, times past, I have never felt more grateful to have the people in my life that I do. Especially these ones.

Even though we butt heads a lot, my mum is always there backing me up, pulling me out, bailing me out. I couldn’t ask for a better mum really. I just wish I could make her proud more often.

These girls are my family.

Moo. I love her so much, she is my sister and I think it was sexual fate that brought her in to my life. If it hadn’t been for her constant barrage of messages, chats, emails, I truly don’t know how I would have survived being left alone in Alaska. I am so fiercely protective of her and value her friendship so much. Moo is one of those people I would totally take a bullet for and I hope she knows (without having to read this) how much she means to me.

My Loverr. She knows me in ways no one else ever could, my best friend for years and years and someone I’ve always been able to just be me around. I seriously do not know how she put up hearing about so much shit a certain drummer put me through but supported me every second and I am so grateful for that. Our lives have always seemed to run along the same lines and having someone like her with me like that has kept me sane.

My Lezzer lover. The newest addition to my little internal family. Its really hard for me to let new people in to my life but she fitted in so easily and very nicely. She totally cracks me up, is such a lovely and beautiful person and has been so supportive, its really meant a hell of a lot to me. So glad Moo was able to move in with Lezzer and have adopted me as honorary housemate, love our lovely threesome.

My fellow Jew. So similar to each other in personality and someone who is always on my side. I am glad that she was my first real boss person cause I was really scared having a real job for the first time and she told people to give me a chance. Sort of the older sister type I never had to be honest, I really do look up to her which I don’t think she knows.

Asbo. I don’t think there is anyone else out there like her and I feel really fortunate to know her. I depend on her advice a lot cause she tells it like it is, won’t sugar coat it for me and I really listen when she talks. Another person who I really look up to. She’s also the crazy fun breath of fresh air in my life!

love you guys xxxxx


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