Dick-Act no.4

So many people have told me that you’re not this amazingly well liked guy you made yourself out to be. In fact pretty much everyone thinks you’re this weird unreliable slacker. It’s odd to go from thinking I was with mr popular to being told by people who don’t even know me that well, that I’m too good for you.

And then you go and email my step mum?? And were shocked that she told me and that I asked you about it? Umm yeah sorry, you have been totally horrendous and such a child towards me and this whole breakup situation, you have ignored me, kept telling me you could only stand to see me if you were drunk, told me you missed me, told me you were going to call me the next day so we could finally just meet up and sort it all out, then didn’t and then YOU have the nerve to have a go at me when I very calmly say how I don’t think its a great idea to email the family who saw first hand what a fucking ZOMBIE I became after you threw THIER hospitality back in their faces and left?? You tell me you were just trying to make things right? 3 MONTHS later? And what about me?? Surely it would make more sense to make things right with me??



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