‘Romantic’ Is Such A Dirty Word

As much as I try to deny, as much as I try and make out I’m this cold hearted bitch, I’ve had to come to the realisation that actually I’m no more than a common romantic at heart. I think love is the most amazing emotion a person can possess, I truly believe that love makes everything brighter, happier, better. To me the best kind of love is grounded in friendship, strength, understanding. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in the spark. The spark is that instant wow where you know something amazing is about to happen, something that is going to change your world and who you are. Its the spark that eventually turns in to love, not even just with partners but friends. All the best friends I have, when I met them I thought yeah, you are someone I need to have in my life. The two most important relationships I’ve had started with the spark, both times were such chance encounters and both times left my head spinning. Those were the relationships that really developed in to something (the second relationship more than the first because he became my best friend so I already loved him when we became involved).

Don’t let anyone tell you what you feel, only you know. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young, love is love and its damn real to you when you’re feeling it.


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