No Need For It Really Is There?

Before he left me I booked a double bungee jump for his 21st birthday. A few days ago I finally got round to trying to get my money back from it and found out I couldn’t so I thought well it was his birthday gift, I can’t get the money back anyway and I’m not going to go so I emailed a very short pleasant message asking if he would still like the voucher to go with someone else.

But I forgot that I don’t exist to him anymore.

What have I done that is so wrong?? Why can you not even respond to a simple email? Its not as if I’m stalking you, I could be texting or ringing all the time and I haven’t done once, which is totally amazing for girls in my situation! Why be an asshole about this breakup and towards me?

Incidentally, double bungee jump voucher up for grabs?


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