Doesn’t make sense

How can I be soo sure how right we are together and meant for each other and you can be soo sure that we’re not? How can I be such a mess and you don’t even feel bad about it let alone miss me?

I have such a craving to talk to you! we went 10months talking to each other every day, seeing each other basically every day, living together to nothing! Yeah I want hugs and cuddles and kisses but I also want my friend! I want to chat and tell stories about whats been going on.

I’ve accepted you want nothing to do with me, I’m just finding it so hard, you always told me we would still be friends and of course it was going to take time to get to that place but you did the worst possible thing and just completely cut me out. A friend would have helped me through this anyway they could, not be horrible and ignore my existence.

I still can’t believe you could just walk away from us


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