Why did you so easily give up on us? On me? It wasn’t so long ago that we were so happy! So shit happens and things can get a little hard, thats what happens in a relationship, its not sunshine and smiles all the time, sometimes you have to fight for it! And we were worth the fight, it wouldn’t even have needed that much effort. But it was easier for you to drop us and run away you scared as shit little boy.

YOU pushed for us, YOU told me you loved me first, YOU called me your soulmate first, YOU told me to trust and rely on you, YOU said lets move in together, YOU said lets share a room in the house, YOU said you wanted to come to america. YOU pushed us to be what we were and then you just let it all slip so easily away. Why have I take more than a few days to get over this? Cause YOU promised me years.

I hate you so much, I hate you for letting go, I hate you for slamming the door on me. The way you’ve been treating me has been horrible.

How could you? Blame me, leave me, forget me and then act like you’re the victim. Selfish selfish coward


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