Are You The Final Push?

I think I’m scared as shit, what if I’m not making the right decision, the right choice? What if this isn’t the best option? And on top of everything it would mean definitely losing you forever. I think I need to put an ocean between us to really give myself the chance to get over you cause being in the same place as you would be too hard. I know myself, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate, I’d plan chance encounters and would just spend my time hoping to see you.

I don’t want that to be my life. I think if I want a real future for myself I need to do this. I know I will love you for a very long time and will miss you always. When you left, you took a piece of me with you and its like I can feel this small hole inside of me now.

I’m scared you’re the one. I’m scared no one else will ever mean to me what you did, that I will never spark with someone like that again. But I need to try, or at the very least try and find something that resembles what I feel for you.


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