Just Tell Me

All I need to know is that you care about what happened, that you miss me, that you’re hurting in some small way at least. I don’t need for you to need me back, I just need to know that I’m not totally alone in all of this, in this hurt, that we weren’t a lie, that we were special like you said. I just need to know that I wasn’t alone in loving you. If you had loved me surely you would be feeling like I am, not in the exact same way obviously cause you ended it and I wouldn’t have done, but still at least feeling a little miserable.

I hate you that you don’t. I hate you for being at home and going home and feeling fine about everything, having moved on from us already. I keep imagining you with someone else and it hurts so much, its such a real and physical pain. I just hope I’m worth a little sabbatical from other girls, I hope you miss me enough that you’re just not interested yet. or ever (unlikely but would be nice).

It kind of makes me laugh, you say you just want to hang out with mates blah blah but your close mates all have serious girlfriends. Makes me think that was just a shite excuse and you just don’t want to be with me.

Just tell me the truth


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