Can You Hear Me?

I wonder if I’m still alive inside, does my heart beat? It feels I am a never-ending well of nothingness and I ache for what was, what we were, what we could have been. Pieces of hope cling to my soul and make me cry out for you, can you hear me? Can you hear my heartache, my heartbreak? Time heals all wounds but I feel like I need time to get to the healing portion of time cause it feels like this pressure in my chest will never pass, never fade, never end. What is this punishment? Why do I feel like I’m paying penance for a crime I wasn’t even aware of committing? Was loving you a crime? Was giving you my heart and soul a crime? It feels like it. Love, the most natural and beautiful emotion someone can possess, share and the one that can wound the most.

I just want to be whole again.


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